About Us

This web site all started when, at the request of several of my math students, I was asked to “write down” several of the hints that I use when explaining math to them. And to be quite honest, the other reason I’ve written this web site is so I don’t forget how to tutor the more difficult topics from year to year.

A little bit of history…..
Early on, I found math to be my favorite subject since  I wasn’t crazy about memorizing, and I found that I could memorize a lot less in math. It really was like working on puzzles. What’s more fun than that? I just didn’t see what the big deal was with math. So, having been a math tutor for over twenty years, I have found if I relate the problems to stuff in my students’ real life (being actively involved instead of passively involved), and direct the students on how much to memorize, the math becomes much easier and much more fun.

I try to incorporate many of the hints and helpful tricks that I use in my day-to-day tutoring. If the pages seem “babyish,” that’s because I mean it that way; I’ve been told that I explain things in “simple and plain” terms, which is usually not the case in “normal” math books.
You can go through these pages from the beginning, or use them to catch up, stay on course, or even get ahead of your peers, like during the summers (something I did as a student, since I was quite the nerd). Or, you can also just go to a specific page if you’re having trouble with that particular topic as you’re learning it in school. And remember, not unlike learning ballet, math requires practice to get better at it. So sit back and enjoy and I will show you how to make your most terrifying math topic easy to understandI promise you!

HINT: Read the sections before you study those topics in class. It will make class much more enjoyable.

About me:

Lisa Johnson, M.S.

I have a B.A. degree in Mathematical Sciences from Rice University, and an M.S. degree in Operations Research from Stanford University. I worked over 26 years in technical positions at telecom companies (including several years as a Technical Writer, which I loved) before becoming a math tutor, and have also worked as an associate Math Professor at a local college. In my “retired” spare time, I also love doing yoga, playing the flute, going to dog parks with Logan, and (whenever their time permits!) hanging out with my family.

I would love your feedback! You can contact me here:  lisa@mathhints.com.

Note: The tools I use to create the graphs and equations are Graph (free!) and MathType, respectively.